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The ACT Now Academy is a neuroscience-based program designed to bridge the gap to 5x Achievement, 5x Creativity and Transformation through 5x faster learning

Our core program, takes around 12 hours to complete, and includes three live webinars, delivered by ACT Sustainably Limited and Act Now Academy Founder, and Flow Research Collective member, Dave Evans, plus approx. 6 hours of study via our online learning hub.

We will deliver one live webinar each week for three weeks, with each live webinar running from either 10:30 to 12:30 on a Tuesday  or  from 16:30 to 18:30 on a Monday, both UK time, making it feasible for people in multiple time zones to participate.  Additional, exclusive pre-recorded training videos will be available on the learning hub, together with carefully curated learning resources from World Leaders in Productivity, Creativity, Learning and Performance.

Once you have completed the core program, you gain free, lifetime access to the ACT Now Academy Group online learning hub and exclusive LinkedIn group.

This brand new program will launch on 26th March 2024.

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The ACT Now Academy program consists of three modules;

  1. Achieve – 5x productivity
  2. Create – innovate 5x faster
  3. Transform – by learning 5x more rapidly

Module one – Achieve – at least 5x productivity

  1. Setting clear goals and priorities for personal productivity
  2. Developing effective habits and routines
  3. Overcoming procrastination and building self-discipline
  4. Developing self confidence and belief
  5. Optimising attention and focus
  6. Optimising personal energy
  7. Leveraging technology and tools for higher productivity (including AI)

Module two – Create – at least 5x faster innovation

  1. Understanding creativity
  2. Dispelling common myths and misconceptions about creativity
  3. Recognising and overcoming personal barriers to creativity
  4. Cultivating curiosity and embracing new perspectives
  5. The creativity process
  6. Techniques for generating and capturing creative ideas
  7. Embracing experimentation and risk taking

Module three – Transform – at least 5x faster learning

  1. Cultivating a growth mindset
  2. How we learn
  3. Setting personal learning goals and creating a learning plan
  4. Effective learning strategies and techniques
  5. Leveraging technology and digital resources for individual learning
  6. Overcoming learning obstacles and building resilience
  7. Planning and executing your learning projects

You should expect to commit around 12 hours to complete this program, which includes the live webinars.

  • Course blend = 50% live, scheduled webinar, plus 50% via our online learning hub;
  • One live webinar each week for three weeks;
  • Each live webinar runs from 14:00 to 16:00 UK time, making it feasible for people in multiple time zones to participate;
  • Additional pre-recorded training videos on the learning hub;
  • Carefully curated additional learning resources from World Leaders in Productivity, Creativity, Learning and Performance;
  • Lifetime access to the ACT Now Academy Group online learning hub and exclusive LinkedIn group;
  • The scheduled open course launch date is 8th January 2024.

Course start dates for 2024

    • 26th March 2024;
    • 9th July 2024;
    • 2nd September 2024;
    • 5th November 2024.

Assessment for this course is through attendance at the three live webinars and completion of the online learning hub mandatory tasks.

Multiple research studies have shown that executives are increasingly feeling distracted, rushed, impatient, restless, dissatisfied, irritable, frustrated, overwhelmed, and overcommitted and find themselves dedicating time to unproductive tasks, acting impulsively and often failing to achieve their personal goals.

In an age where we have to learn more hard things, quickly executives are finding it difficult to find the time, energy and focus to keep up with changing demands and also to develop innovative and effective solutions to new and unique challenges.

However, McKinsey undertook a 10 year study that suggested the high performing executives can achieve 5x normal productivity, with further studies showing that some professionals can attain at least 5x creativity and learn 5x faster than normal. For example, the US Navy Seals claim to have reduced the time taken to gain functional fluency in a foreign language from six months to six weeks!

The ACT now! academy program is designed to bridge the gap between these two states and outcomes.

To go from frenzied underachieving to peak performance!

The ACT now! Academy program is suited to all job roles and sectors and has no formal entry requirements. The program is designed for those who are ready to level up their performance by achieving at least 5x Productivity, 5x Creativity and 5x Transformational learning speed.

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