Sustainable Procurement

What is the Sustainable Procurement?

Sustainable Procurement is procurement that has the most positive environmental, social and economic impacts possible across the entire life cycle and that strives to minimize adverse impacts.

Why Consider it?

As the world becomes more populous, urbanised and prosperous, demand for energy, raw materials, food and water is rising. Increased competition for these finite resources will raise prices, restrict availability and stress supply chains.

The expectation of organisations today is evolving beyond just maximising economic returns to stakeholders. Organisations must understand, measure and manage the impacts of their decisions on society and the environment.

Sustainability is increasingly the lens through which organisations are now judged, by their customers, employees, investors, governments and society.

The development and implementation of an effective Sustainable Procurement Strategy will help any organisation adapt to this inevitable future, rather than stay stuck in the past.

How Act Sustainably Can Help

  • Use the ISO 20400 guidance to undertake a gap analysis of your existing procurement policy, strategy and practices;
  • Develop an action plan based on our gap analysis;
  • Develop sustainable supply chain management strategies and policies;
  • Build internal awareness, support and capability through our Sustainable Procurement virtual training course;
  • Help develop your procurement processes and systems which includes:
    • Policy and strategy creation;
    • Prioritisation and risk/opportunity assessment;
    • Engage your supply chain through our virtual sustainable training course;
    • Measurement and KPI development;
    • Baseline and performance data collection;
    • Adaptation of your existing sourcing strategy;
    • Category strategy development;
    • Support through all tender stages.

Have a question?

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