Act Sustainably plants trees to save Orca's

We’ve just planted some trees to help Orcas!

It may feel like a mental leap to connect oceans and forests, but in the longer-term, the benefits of tree planting for salmon and orca becomes much more apparent.

As the trees grow and their roots spread, the banks of the rivers solidify, protecting against erosion. Trees help to keep the river water clear of excessive sediment so that salmon can spawn.

Trees also help provide important nutrients for the young salmon as they grow. And leaves, needles, and woody debris falling into the river create habitat for the insects that salmon feed on, helping them fatten up for the long journey downstream to the Pacific Ocean.

As the trees mature and the forest canopy thickens, it provides critical shade for salmon spawning grounds. Salmon eggs need to be kept cool — and without adequate shade from vegetation on the banks of the river, water temperatures will rise, reducing the chances the eggs have to develop and hatch.

Even dying and fallen trees on the banks of the river benefit salmon. Branches and trees that fall into the water help to slow down its flow, making it easier for the salmon to lay their eggs without them getting immediately washed away. Planting trees today means the debris created in the future ensures the salmon will have plenty of spots to lay their eggs.

The trophic cascade brought on by planting trees is undeniable. Balancing an ecosystem is a major part of ensuring that critical species survive — and planting trees is a great place to start!


Dave Evans

Dave Evans is a Chartered Environmentalist, and the Founder and CEO of Act Sustainably, dedicated to “Creating Positive Environmental and Social Outcomes by helping clients to ACT Sustainably”.

He has a BSc(hons) in Zoology, an MSc in Environmental Protection and an MBA from Warwick Business School.

He’ll often be found immersed in nature, wild swimming, trail running and paddle boarding at his basecamp in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park.

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