IEMA Leading with Environmental Sustainability

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We plant 10 trees for each booking of this course.

A virtual training workshop integrating live, webinars with online learning.

This sustainability workshop provides a thorough understanding of the key environmental sustainability challenges facing leaders in their quest to position their organisations for the future, not the past.

Workshops are scheduled on 27th February 2023, 22nd May 2023, 11th September  2023 and 4th December 2023.

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During the IEMA Leading with Environmental Sustainability workshop you will explore;

  • What does Environmental Sustainability mean for your organisation?
  • Is your organisation’s existing strategy fit for the purpose?
  • Which organisations are leading with Environmental Sustainability and why?
  • Understand the implications of complying with environmental law;
  • What would a new strategy look like?
  • How can you future-proof your organisation?

You should expect to commit around 6 hours to complete the IEMA Leading with Environmental Sustainability workshop, which includes the live webinar.

  • Course blend = 66% live, scheduled webinar and 34% online activities
  • One webinar per workshop
  • Webinar times = Usually from From 08:00 to 12:00 GMT, although times may vary.
  • Scheduled open courses –
    • 27th February 2023;
    • 22nd May 2023;
    • 11th September 2023;
    • 4th December 2023.

The IEMA Leading with Environmental Sustainability workshop is assessed by the completion of set activities via the online learning hub, as part of the course delivery process.

The IEMA Leading with Environmental Sustainability workshop will transform the way you do business.

The expectation of organisations today is evolving beyond just maximising economic returns to stakeholders.  Organisations must understand, measure and manage the impacts of their decisions on society and the environment.

Sustainability is increasingly the lens through which organisations are now judged, by their customers, employees, investors, governments and society.

The IEMA Leading with Environmental Sustainability workshop will challenge you to develop a strategic understanding of the key risks and opportunities presented by a rapidly changing organisational context.

This course also helps senior executives to understand their personal responsibilities and potential liabilities to ensure their organisation stays compliant.

The main aim is a complete re- engineering of your strategic objectives so that you position your organisation for the future not the past.

Completion of this session automatically qualifies leaders to apply for the Evolved Leader ClubEverest Evolution.

Act Sustainably are proud of their long standing partnership with the Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment (IEMA).

IEMA is the professional body for everyone working in environment and sustainability.

At Act Sustainably we are fully supportive of the IEMA mission – “Transforming the World to Sustainability”, which mirrors our mission – “Creating positive outcomes, by helping clients to Act Sustainably”.

The IEMA Leading with Environmental Sustainability workshop has been developed for the decision-makers of every organisation, regardless of sector specialism or previous experience of environmental issues.

This course is delivered via  a live webinar of two hours duration, enhanced by additional support material accessed via the Act Sustainably learning hub.

There is no formal course assessment, although a certificate is issued on completion of the course.

We also specialise in the delivery of in-house, bespoke courses that are developed using a structured process to reflect upon the knowledge, skills and resources needed to achieve your specific goals and using elements of your environmental management systems and company-specific processes and case studies, if required.  Please contact us directly to discuss your requirements for in-house training.

To schedule a telephone call to discuss your requirements for this sustainability training, please click on the blue button at the bottom right of your screen. To reserve a place or request further information please complete the form below.

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