Net Zero – Why should you care?

Whether it’s in the news, debated in the House of Commons or a hot topic in meetings, most of us will have heard the term ‘Net Zero’. And if you haven’t then let’s get you acquainted. 

In plain terms, net zero maintains a balance between carbon emitted and carbon removed from the atmosphere. The UK has made a commitment to be Net Zero by 2050.

Why should you care about Net Zero? 

We get it, not everyone may be an environmentalist and money talks so let’s look at the bottom line…

Moving your organisation towards Net Zero can make it more efficient, and resilient and reduce its overall costs. Mark Carney states firms ignoring the climate crisis will go bankrupt  and that the urgency is very real.  

And if you think working towards Net Zero is just for the big players then think again.  Research shows 50% of UK business-driven emissions come from smaller businesses and 76% of smaller businesses have yet to implement a decarbonisation strategy. 

If you’re looking for advice or guidance on how to build your Net Zero strategy, our courses are here to guide you. Delivered by a leading practitioner with Industry experience in carbon accounting and carbon reduction consultancy projects our IEMA-certified courses will give you the tools you need. 

Making a positive impression counts 

Next up on the list of benefits is the opportunity to impress your customers, and making a positive impression counts. Consumer trends show 81% of customers are moving towards more sustainable purchasing habits.

 A 2023 Mitel consumer trend report also states companies need to look out for Hyper fatigue as this year will try to cut through the noise and connect with what matters to them.

Don’t get left behind. Use this opportunity to connect with your customers and share your story on what you’re doing about the climate crisis.

Looks like we better get a move on – let’s go!

Don’t miss this opportunity to do the right thing and build competitive advantage and sign up for IEMA Pathways to Net Zero Virtual Training course today.


Dave Evans

Dave Evans is a Chartered Environmentalist, Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, Fellow of the Institute for Environmental Management and Assessment, and the Founder and CEO of Act Sustainably, dedicated to “Inspiring the World to ACT Sustainably”.

He has a BSc(hons) in Zoology, an MSc in Environmental Protection and an MBA from Warwick Business School.

He’ll often be found immersed in nature, wild swimming, trail running and paddle boarding at his basecamp in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park.

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