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One of the great benefits of running our own business is that we get to choose how we spend our money.
No shareholder dividends to maintain and no flash cars for the bosses.
Our motivation is to help as much and as many as possible.
It’s not a selfless act, as the buzz we all get from “Helpers High” is reward enough and super-charges our urge to get better and bigger.
“Helper’s High” is the name given to that feeling of well-being that follows an opportunity to extend an act of kindness, donate money to a charitable cause, or volunteer in a meaningful setting.
After volunteering, have you ever found yourself thinking, “Wow, I got more out of that than I gave!”
That feeling is one version of the helper’s high.
It’s part of human evolution.
When we help or protect others, we contribute to keeping the human species alive.
At Act Sustainably, we reckon “Helpers High”, is a high growth superpower.
It motivates us to get up early, stay late and keep getting after it.
One of the ways we give, is to keep around 1% of our average “Cash in bank” balance circulating as Kiva microloans.
Due to purchasing power disparity, a small amount donated by a company in a developed country can be a game-changer for an entrepreneur in a developing country.

This week we have chosen to lend to Deverlyn, in the Solomon Islands. Deverlyn is a 45-year-old woman who is married with five children. They live in a community in Honiara, capital of Solomon Island. She runs a small bakery business which she started five months ago where she bakes and sells scones and buns in her community to earn a living. Deverlyn has requested a loan to pay for additional flour, sugar, butter, yeast and firewood to assist her in running her business. She plans to use her profits to meet her family’s financial needs and grow her business.
We love making these loans and they give us great stories to tell, especially when delivering our IEMA Foundation Certificate in Environmental Management and IEMA Certificate in Environmental Management training courses.


Dave Evans

Dave Evans is a Chartered Environmentalist, and the Founder and CEO of Act Sustainably, dedicated to “Creating Positive Environmental and Social Outcomes by helping clients to ACT Sustainably”.

He has a BSc(hons) in Zoology, an MSc in Environmental Protection and an MBA from Warwick Business School.

He’ll often be found immersed in nature, wild swimming, trail running and paddle boarding at his basecamp in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park.

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